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    Service Prices From:
    New Patient Examination from £60.00
    (X-rays included)

    Examination £40.00
    (X-rays included)

    Implant Consulta
    tion from £60.00
    (X-rays included)

    Dental Implants from £2000.00

    Hygiene Therapy from £65.00

    Amalgam Fillings from £100.00

    Composite Fillings from £138.00-£198.00

    Composite Overlay from £218.00

    Root Canal Treatment from £320.00

    Extraction from £95.00

    Crown from £395.00

    Denture from £550.00

    Bridge from £550.00 per unit

    Invisalign from £1800.00

    Removable Retainers from £120.00

    Nightguard from £120.00

    Teeth Whitening from £300.00

    Composite bonding from £250.00 per tooth

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